RVWBA 2005 Mixed

Roanoke Valley WBA 2005 Mixed Team / Mixed Doubles Results

Rocky Mount Bowling Center, Rocky Mount, VA, March 2005.

	1st	Nothin Fancy		2725
	2nd	Strike Force		2694
	3rd	Getting Tapped		2664
	4th	APEX #1			2635

	1st	Kaye Sullivan/Harold R. Goodwin	        1429
	2nd	Kathy Martin/Louis Mays		        1407
	3rd	Christine Hanselman/Larry Hanselman	1396
	4th	Tonia R. Peters/Thomas Kirby	        1388
	5th	Brenda Bowling/Bobby Bowling	        1385

High Game (Scratch)
	Men - Chris Taylor	266
	Women - Amy Murray	229

High Series (Scratch)
	Men - Chris Taylor	690
	Women - Amy Murray	609

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