Virginia State USBC 2012 Women’s Final Prize List

Final Prize List

  • Team (Classic Division, 619 & below)

Congratulation to the following local teams:
The Oreo’s, 16th place
Forty West Bldg Supply, 19th place

  • Doubles (Classic Division, 309 & below)

Congratulations to the following local doubles partners:
Allison White / Jodi Will, 3rd place
Cheryl Poff / Kathy Lynch, 6th place
Phyllis McCraw / Brenda Wright, 28th place (tie)
Lisa Rentfrow / Sherry Foutz, 28th place (tie)
Trudy Wade / Hazel Underwood, 28th place (tie)
Lena Hodges / Dianne Hall, 32nd place (tie)
Wanda Hickerson / Melissa Clark, 40th place (tie)
Carolyn Blake / Lynn Alcorn, 46th place (tie)
Anna Shelton / Virginia Johnson, 51st place (tie)

  • Singles (Classic Division, 154 & below)

Congratulations to the following local women:
Kathlyn Johnson, 12th place
Dianne Hall, 19th place (tie)
Gayle Caldwell, 22nd place
Donna Miller, 36th place (tie)
Hazel Underwood, 36th place (tie)
Carolyn Blake, 39th place (tie)
Brenda Wright, 46th place (tie)
Phyllis McCraw, 52nd place (tie)
Lisa Rentfrow, 73rd place (tie)
Irene Barr, 85th place (tie)
Lynn Alcorn, 90th place (tie)

Congratulations to the following local women:
Dianne Hall, 12th place
Phyllis McCraw, 18th place (tie)
Lynn Alcorn, 24th place
Carolyn Blake, 32nd place
Hazel Underwood, 46th place

  • Team (Regular Division, 620 & above)
  • Doubles (Regular Division, 310 & above)
  • Singles (Regular Division, 155 & above)

Congratulation to the following women:
Nancy Montgomery, 77th place (tie)


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