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GRAUSBC Record Scores

GRAUSBC Team Scratch Series
February 15, 2018
AMF Hilltop Lanes

Jason Pauley 719
Linda Sable 731
Tyler Lisk 760
Rob Howell 706
Chris Verner 741
TOTAL 3657

RBA Team Scratch Game
February 6, 2002
Vinton Bowling Center

Doug Cooper 264
Mark Smith 247
Billy Paxton 244
Jon Partell 300
Pup Bailey 279
TOTAL 1334

GRAUSBC Individual Scratch Series (Male)
February 25, 2015
AMF Hilltop Lanes

David Lawhorn 289 279 299 867

RBA Individual High Triplicate
January 29, 2008
Vinton Bowling Center

Steve Tucker 278 278 278

GRAUSBC Doubles Scratch Game (Male)
August 20, 2018
AMF Hilltop Lanes

Chris Roberts 300
Cory Lutz 278

GRAUSBC Doubles Scratch Series (Male) *
June 28, 2010
Lee-Hi Lanes

Richard Casey 796
Steve Shepherd 805
TOTAL 1601

RVWBA Team High Triplicate Series
September 13, 1995
Lee-Hi Lanes

Annie Freeman 135 161 132
Brenda Heffinger 165 177 159
Peggy Patton 124 91 114
Dorothy Kirby 115 149 158
Eilene Gross 178 139 154
TOTAL 717 717 717

RVWBA Individual Scratch Series
November 29, 2007
Vinton Bowling Center

Linda Shott 228 252 299 779

GRAUSBC High Average (Female)
2010-2011 Winter Season
Hoppy Hopkins
Based on 48 or more games

Sheila Hicks 216

SCYABA 12-and-under Individual Scratch Series
November 2007
Lee-Hi Lanes

Daniel Neighbors 239 247 232 718

SCYABA Individual Scratch Series
October 6, 2001
Vinton Bowling Center

Alex Cox 279 244 288 811

* Not currently verified by the GRAUSBC

  1. Thank you, the GRAUSBC and House Record pages have been updated.

  2. Christopher J Roberts

    That was shot on 8-20-18

  3. Christopher J Roberts

    Chris Roberts and Cory Lutz broke the single game doubles scratch record on the Monday night doubles league at hilltop this past summer.

    Chris Roberts 300
    Cory lutz 278

    Jason Pauley was the league secretary

  4. Team scratch set record was broken on 1/4/17 at Hilltop.

    Chris Verner 738
    David Daniels 689
    Joe Baxter 673
    Aaron Sifers 731
    Cory Lutz 794

    Total – 3625

  5. Yes, it was posted from my mobile phone to the main page of the website (which also feeds Facebook and Twitter) right after Kevin finished bowling. This page will be updated as soon as I get a chance (it’s easier to change via access from a computer rather than a mobile phone).

  6. kevin felvus just shot 277 289 and a 300 for a 866 which beat kenny!

  7. Today i was looking through my old scoresheets and i made a discovery of scores myself and my team mate rolled in a doubles game in the rba city/county tournament…

    These scores were rolled at vbc on 02/06/2000 game 2 of doubles in the tournament…

    Tom Cashin 289
    Joseph Durrett 280
    Total 569

    I still have the score sheet if you need to see it to verify this…Thank You Very Much…Joseph Durrett

    Please correct this as you see fit!

  8. I do not know if the association has those records, but I will pass on the question. In the interim, I’ll add that score with a note it hasn’t been officially verified as the doubles game record.

  9. Steven L. Shepherd

    Hello Greater Roanoke Area USBC,
    I was just wondering what was the high game for a two man team in a league ? Richard Casey bowled a 279 and Steven L. Shepherd bowled a 284 for a total of 563 scratch at Lee Hi Lanes .

  10. I do not know if the association has doubles records, but I will pass on the question. In the interim, I’ll add that score with a note it hasn’t been officially verified as the doubles record.

  11. What is the record for a two man doubles team. Last Nite(6/28/10) at Lee-Hi Lanes in the Peterson Point Doubles League, Richard “Big Daddy” Casey had a 796 and Steven “Peacock” Shepherd had a 805 for a very nice 1601 Team Series. Thanks.


  12. Steven, I have forwarded your question to the Association as I don’t have that information.

  13. Steven L. Shepherd

    My question is what is the most 300’s bowled in league play in a calender year

  14. Chase, I have forwarded your comment to the Virginia State USBC association.

  15. I am writing as I have found it quite difficult to dig up the records concerning the men’s highest 3-game set. Jason Osgood of Glade Hill in Franklin County Virginia recently bowled a 300-278-300. It is my understanding that this is, at the very least, a Va. state bowling record or tie. If there is any help that you may give as to whether this is official or not I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Thank you,

    Chase Young
    Bulletin Sports Writer

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