Recent Noteworthy Scores (2013-10-31)

Please send noteworthy scores to to those who should be listed but have not.

From AMF Hilltop Lanes:
300 games: Bobby Hogan, Ed Quinn, Maurice Woody, Sheila Hicks (her 1st), David Hungate, Bill Harris, Shawn Pickard, Spanky Goodwin (his 1st)
800 series: Chris Roberts (812), David Hungate (814, 802), Shawn Pickard (801)
700 series: Sheila Hicks (701, 772, 730), Laurie Zirkle (721, 724)
275+ games: Brenda Perdue (279), Cathy Barnes (278)
Other Notable Scores: Rick Keener (299)

From Lee-Hi Lanes:
300 games: Chris Roberts, Aaron Bailey

From Vinton Bowling Center:
300 games: Chris Roberts


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  1. Currently posting is done for men’s 300 games and 800+ series, women’s 275+ games and 700+ series; the post will be updated and this will fall under the category of “Other Notable Achievements”.

  2. Honor Score – Hill Top Lanes – Oct. 25, 2013 – Rick Keener – 299 Laurie would you please post with other Honor Score’s. Thanks

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