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2021-2022 Ann St. Hilaire Tournament Schedule

GRAUSBC 31st Annual Ann St. Hilaire Junior Bowling Traveling Scholarship Tournament Schedule

November 7, 2021     Lee-Hi Lanes
December 5, 2021     Vinton Bowling Center
February 6, 2022     AMF Hilltop Lanes ***
March 6, 2022     Rocky Mount Bowling Center
April 3, 2022     Lee-Hi Lanes

*** CITY/COUNTY will he held with the February Tournament (Additional Fee Required).

For more information contact your league coach. All tournaments are USBC Sanctioned.

National 600 Club 2022 Mail-O-Graphic Tournament

The National 600 Bowling Club, Inc. is conducting their annual mail-o-graphic singles tournament for its members. This tournament will be held beginning January 23 through February 12, 2022. Copies of the entry form, score verification form and tournament rules are available on the National 600 Bowling Club website.

There are two parts to the form to be used. The entry form with entry fee(s) must be returned postmarked no later than January 20, 2022.   If you have your entry in by November 30, your name goes into a drawing for Christmas Table runner.

League scores for the dates of January 23 through February 12, 2022 will be used. You may enter in each league that you are a member, however, you may cash only once in each division entered. The score verification form must be returned postmarked no later than February 19, 2022. Please remember to include a copy of your league recap sheet with current average and signed verification form. The scratch division is open to all members regardless of average.

The entry fee is $10.00 PER ENTRY PER DIVISION: Prize fund $7.00 and $3.00 for expenses.  The prize fund will be returned 100%.  Checks should be made payable to National 600 Bowling Club, Inc. Results will be posted on the website:  If you would like a copy please send a stamped self addressed envelope along with your scores.

For more information, please see the National 600 Club Mail-O-Graphic Tournament web page.

Les Dames de 700 Bowling Club 2021 Mail-O-Graphic Tournament

The Les Dames de 700 Club is conducting their 2021 mail-o-graphic singles tournament.  League scores from October 17 through November 13, 2021 will be used.  If your league bowls weekly, you may enter that league one, two, three or all four weeks.  The entry fee is $7 per week for each sanctioned league you enter.  This tournament will be handicapped at 90% from 230 and will be USBC certified.  More information is available by clicking HERE for the Tournament Announcement, Entry Form and Rules.  If you are not already a Les Dames de 700 Club member, you may print a copy of the Application Form by clicking HEREEntries must be mailed no later than October 15, 2021.

Board of Delegates Meeting 9-18-2021

There will be a GRAUSBC Board of Delegates meeting on Saturday September 18, 2021, 1:00pm at Lee-Hi Lanes. The agenda will be voting on updated By-Laws and an update on progress to date.

USBC COVID-19 Rule Updates

Changes to Rule 18, which allows for the use of isopropyl alcohol to clean a ball during competition, and Rule 113a, which allows for the use of a single lane during competition, have been extended for the 2021-2022 season. Click here to view the USBC press release on this.

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