Cancelled: 2014 GRAUSBC Hall of Fame and Annual Meeting

As of March 3, 2014, The Greater Roanoke Area USBC Hall Of Fame Dinner and Induction ceremony that had been scheduled for March 15, 2014, has been cancelled. Information about a reschedule of the Annual Meeting will be available soon. Questions and/or comments may be directed to any member of the GRAUSBC Board of Directors.


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  1. A make-up date for the meeting should be posted to the official GRAUSBC website (which feeds automatically to the GRASUBC Facebook page). The question about anyone from the association making the announcement at the centers this week will be passed along to the Board. Certainly something should be announced, as you are right about not everyone having internet access.

  2. Thank you. When you have a make up date for the meeting will you be posting it on Facebook or coming to centers to let bowlers know in person? Will anyone from the association be making this announcement at the centers this week since not everyone is on FB or looks at the page often? Just think it would be a good way to keep the bowlers informed. Thanks

  3. Forms for Meritorious Service and Bowling Ability are available under the Forms page (down under the “Local Association” section). Even though the year is “out of date”, the deadline is still November 28 of the current year for induction the following year.

  4. when do the nominations for next year’s HOF have to be sent in by?

  5. Such a big uproar about this and no one wants to comment on this……I find that interesting…..

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