Virginia State Bowling Association 57th Annual Tournament Standings (updated 7/10/09)

Tournament dates were April 18/19 thru June 13/14 2009, with no tournament bowling May 16/17, 2009. Unofficial final results are available HERE. Congratulations to the following local participants:

  • The Richard Cranuims, Team Handicap, 24th place
  • Poor Bowlers Tour, Team Handicap, 26th place
  • Beer Fest, Team Handicap, 31st place
  • Hilltop Rollers, Team Handicap, 34th place (tie)
  • Here For The Beer, Team Handicap, 37th place (tie)
  • Last Minute, Team Handicap, 53rd place
  • Krispy Kreme, Team Handicap, 58th place; Team Scratch, 7th place
  • Rolling Five, Team Handicap, 62nd place
  • Infamous Five, Team Handicap 65th place (tie)
  • Salem Letter Carriers, Team Handicap, 83rd place (tie)
  • Four Wolfes and Fresh Meat, Team Handicap, 85th place (tie)
  • Big Balls, Team Scratch, 12th place
  • Richard Price/Theodore Mittlestetter Jr, Doubles Handicap, 2nd place
  • Roger Gibson/Jason Hughes, Doubles Handicap, 18th place (tie)
  • Darryl Belcher/Russell Richardson, Doubles Handicap, 24th place
  • Justin Martin/Joshua Ratcliffe, Doubles Handicap, 27th place
  • Mark Phillips/Donald Shupe, Doubles Handicap, 39th place (tie)
  • Robert Henderson/John Zirkle, Doubles Handicap, 41st place (tie)
  • Garnett Vass/Richard Dempsey, Doubles Handicap, 77th place (tie)
  • Patrick Amos/Bobby Hogan, Doubles Handicap, 82nd place (tie); Doubles Scratch, 14th place
  • Brian Slakman/Jeff Smith, Doubles Handicap, 91st place (tie); Doubles Scratch, 28th place (tie)
  • Ethan Nimmo/Jon Partell, Doubles Handicap, 115th place (tie); Doubles Scratch, 20th place (tie)
  • James Sumner/Jason Sumner, Doubles Handicap, 119th place (tie)
  • Kyle Crawford/Shawn Pickard, Doubles Handicap, 126th place (tie)
  • Teena Eckles/Ann Calhoon, Doubles Handicap, 201st place (tie)
  • Henry Tingler/Ralph Stinnett, Doubles Handicap, 205th place (tie)
  • David Daniels/Mark Dixon, Doubles Scratch, 22nd place
  • Jason Pauley/David Lawhorn, Doubles Scratch, 32nd place (tie)
  • Michael Jordan, Singles Handicap, 10th place (tie); All Events Handicap, 25th place (tie)
  • Darryl Belcher, Singles Handicap, 14th place; All Events Handicap, 32nd place
  • Randy Waldron, Singles Handicap, 24th place (tie)
  • Mark Casey, Singles Handicap, 31st place (tie)
  • Chris Williams, Singles Handicap, 64th place
  • Kyle Crawford, Singles Handicap, 65th place (tie); All Events Handicap, 199th place (tie)
  • Bobby Hogan, Singles Handicap, 69th place (tie); Singles Scratch, 17th place (tie); All Events Handicap, 84th place; All Events Scratch, 21st place
  • Chris Roberts, Singles Handicap, 117th place (tie)
  • Derrick Amos, Singles Handicap, 151st place (tie)
  • Ricky Boothe, Singles Handicap, 151st place (tie); All Events Handicap, 14th place (tie)
  • James Kenyon, Singles Handicap, 159th place (tie)
  • Steven Loy, Singles Handicap, 164th place (tie); Singles Scratch, 38th place
  • Amanda Thomas, Singles Handicap, 172nd place (tie); All Events Handicap, 49th place
  • William Noell, Singles Handicap, 189th place (tie)
  • Alan Repasky, Singles Handicap, 200th place (tie)
  • Earnest Cobbs, Singles Handicap, 203rd place (tie); All Events Handicap, 115th place (tie)
  • David Cox, Singles Handicap, 210th place (tie)
  • Alex Cox, Singles Handicap, 217th place (tie); Singles Scratch, 21st place
  • William Welcher, Singles Handicap, 260th place (tie); All Events Handicap, 115th place (tie)
  • Jon Partell, Singles Handicap, 270th place (tie); Singles Scratch, 29th place
  • Ronnie Thompson, Singles Handicap, 270th place (tie)
  • Jon Creasy, Singles Handicap, 287th place (tie)
  • Mark Dixon, Singles Handicap, 294th place (tie);Singles Scratch, 37th place; All Events Handicap, 186th place (tie); All Events Scratch, 20th place
  • Ramal Woody, Singles Handicap, 294th place (tie)
  • Jeff Ramsey, Singles Handicap, 294th place (tie)
  • Phillip Miller, Singles Handicap, 307th place (tie)
  • Ethan Nimmo, Singles Handicap, 328th place (tie); All Events Handicap, 50th place (tie)
  • Allan Brown, Singles Handicap, 328th place (tie)
  • Richard Price, Singles Handicap, 335th place (tie); All Events Handicap, 50th place (tie)
  • Ralph Cook, Singles Handicap, 335th place (tie)
  • Russell Hicks, Singles Handicap, 335th place (tie)
  • Brian Correll, Singles Handicap, 356th place (tie)
  • Issac Fields, Singles Handicap, 385th place (tie)
  • Chad Schmidt, Singles Handicap, 394th place (tie)
  • Lamarka Casey, Singles Handicap, 394th place (tie)
  • Cory Lutz, Singles Scratch, 63rd place (tie)
  • Daniel Underwood, All Events Handicap, 24th place
  • Russell Richardson, All Events Handicap, 56th place (tie)
  • Ralph Stinnett, All Events Handicap, 131st place (tie)
  • Anthony Hembrick, All Events Handicap, 152nd place (tie)
  • Jeremy Williamson, All Events Handicap, 170th place (tie)
  • Kaye Richardson, All Events Handicap, 199th place (tie)
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  1. I am assuming you are referring to the 2010 VIrginia State Tournament that began April 17/18, 2010. I have forwarded your comment on to the tournament director.

  2. i really feel that it was unprofessional to cancel the brackets the first saturday of the tournament. the brackets could have been done by hand.

  3. The tournament manager for the Virginia State Bowling Association annual tournament would have to be contacted for that answer. This is just a link to their standings. The VSBA has a “contact us” form at their website that lists contact information:

  4. william dillman

    why im i not listed in all events sch. or others i was a sub but dont under stand.

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