New looks for 300, 800, 11 straight strikes awards

Redesigned 300 and 800 rings and a new 11-strikes-in-a-row trophy are among the many changes being made to the United States Bowling Congress recognition program for the 2009-10. The rings have been redesigned and a new 11-in-a-row USBC-branded resin trophy replaces the old plaque. Another major change is replacing emblems for adult special achievements with unique magnets. In addition, the requirements to acquire these awards have changed to reflect the challenge. Special achievement awards now will be given out for games and series only. Pins over average and series, all-spare games, Dutch 200, triplicate series, 7-10 and Big Four split conversions have been eliminated from the special achievement program.

The new criteria for 2009-2010 awards can be found in the USBC rulebook, available online or as a downloadable PDF file from (at the bottom of the page, look for the “Rules” link under “USBC Departments”).


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