Virginia State 2010 Women’s Annual Tournament Entry Form

The entry form for the Virginia State USBC Women’s 53rd Championship Tournament is available. The tournament will be co-hosted by the Hampton USBC WBA and the Tidewater USBC associations. Opening weekend is April 10-11, 2010 and will run through May 22-23, 2010 with no bowling on the weekends of Easter or Mother’s Day. Changes for this year: ONLY TWO DIVISIONS FOR EACH EVENT, broken down as follows:

Event Division Average
TEAM Div 1 620 and up
Div 2 619 and down
DOUBLES Div 1 310 and up
Div 2 309 and down
SINGLES Div 1 155 and up
Div 2 154 and down
ALL EVENTS Div 1 155 and up
Div 2 154 and down

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