New Calendar Pages

A new format for the calendars of bowling events has been implemented on the GRAUSBC Website and is also available on the GRAUSBC Facebook page. On the website it is under the “Calendars” page; on Facebook it is accessible via the “Calendar” tab

The default display is for the current month and is a compilation of 5 separate calendars: GRAUSBC events, League Meetings, Other Bowling Events, USBC and VASTATEUSBC events. The calendar can be viewed in month, week or agenda formats, as well as viewing individual calendars or a combination of calendars. To change the format, click on the “Month”, “Week” or “Agenda” tab. To change calendars, there is a drop-down menu available via the small arrow next to the “Agenda” tab that allows a choice of calendars. In the month view, the events are color-coded by calendar to help distinguish between them.

This calendar is intended to promote ALL bowling events and the sport of bowling in general. If you have a bowling event of ANY sort (sanctioned, non-sanctioned, tournament, fund-raiser, etc), please send the information to


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