Vinton Bowling Center, AMF Hilltop Lanes to rotate oil patterns

Apologies to those of you that see this more than once.

According to Jerry Foutz, Manager at AMF Hilltop Lanes, Vinton Bowling Center and AMF Hilltop Lanes will be rotating their oil patterns monthly like the NRV Superbowl has been doing. “Ok, here is the deal. Billy and I are going to change the shot each month. I (Jerry) will rotate around 4 different patterns. An easy, med easy, med hard, and a hard. I am putting out a new shot starting tonight (7-17-2012) for 2 Weeks. This is a medium #4239 called middle road. A little less forgiving (I hope).”

This oil pattern is from the Kegel Navigation Patterns Challenge Series and it’s description follows.

MIDDLE ROAD #4239: In political terms, this pattern is centrism in nature because the characteristics lie between the extremes of having to play too far to the right or too far to the left. The MIDDLE ROAD is a 39 foot pattern that is moderately challenging; it’s not too easy, it’s not too difficult. The best mindset and line for this pattern is usually somewhere near the middle of the road.

More information about the oil pattern rotation will be posted as it is received.


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