Virginia State Women’s Tournament Unofficial Results

The unofficial results for the 2010 Virginia State Women’s Annual Handicap Tournament are now available on the Virginia State website under the Women’s Tournaments page. Congratulations to the following women listed under the Greater Roanoke Area USBC association!

  • All Events Classified Handicap
    1. Debra Clingenpeel, 7th (tie)
      Carol Sizemore, 14th
      Jayne Caldwell, 15th
      Joan Jones, 23rd (tie)
      Ruth Stump, 29th
      Frances Dennemeyer, 58th (tie)
  • Doubles Regular Handicap
    1. Kathy Williams / Vicki Treynor, 59th (tie)
  • Doubles Classified Handicap
    1. Jayne Caldwell / Ruth Stump, 11th
      Linda Meeker / Ruth McIlwraith, 20th (tie)
      Mary Jenerette / Phyllis Washington, 26th
      Debra Clingenpeel / Michelle Toney, 33rd (tie)
      Jo Ann Umberger / Glynnis Fazzi, 51st (tie)
      Louise McCullough / Betty Garrett, 51st (tie)
  • Singles Regular Handicap
    1. Nancy Salcido, 34th (tie)
      Laurie Zirkle, 57th (tie)
      Bertha Nunley, 71st (tie)
      Tammy Lisk, 83rd (tie)
  • Singles Classified Handicap
    1. Debra Clingenpeel, 2nd
      Ann Paris, 12th
      Nannie Greene, 14th
      Ruth Stump, 15th (tie)
      Phyllis Washington, 43rd (tie)
      Ruth McIlwraith, 61st (tie)
      Frances Dennemeyer, 71st (tie)
      Lori LeGrande, 88th (tie)
  • Team Regular Handicap
    1. Sheetz Ladies, 7th
  • Team Classified Handicap
    1. Four Great Girls, 1st
      Martha’s Uplifting, 4th
      Almost Wild Bunch, 7th
      Four Paws, 34th

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