Virginia State Open Tournament Unofficial Results

The unofficial results for the 2010 Virginia State Open Annual Handicap Tournament are now available on the Virginia State website under the Open Tournaments page. Congratulations to the following bowlers listed under the Greater Roanoke Area USBC association!

  • Team Division 1
    1. Salem Red Eyes, 19th place
      Wade’s Painting, 22nd place
      Hilltop Five, 25th place
  • Team Division 2
    1. Roanoke Crew 2, 15th place
  • Singles Scratch
    1. Ethan Nimmo, 33rd place
      Alex Cox, 46th place (tie)
  • Singles Division 1
    1. Jarrod Paxton, 24th place
      Ethan Nimmo, 59th place (tie)
      Michael Bailey, 62nd place (tie)
      William Harris III, 81st place
      Larry Wade, 100th place (tie)
      Michael Jordan, 108th place (tie)
      David Buchanan, 114th place (tie)
      Richard Price, 119th place (tie)
  • Singles Division 2
    1. Julius Perdue, 16th place (tie)
      Mark Kent, 26th place (tie)
      April Guilliams, 30th place (tie)
      Ryan McCormack, 39th place (tie)
      Ronald Nichols, 41st place
      Dale Sherr, 42nd place
      Jermaine Hall, 43rd place (tie)
      Angela Stinnett, 66th place (tie)
      Mike Young, 77th place (tie)
      Jeremiah Bowling, 88th place (tie)
      Steve Spinks, 127th place (tie)
      Yancey Spiller, 129th place (tie)
      Wendy Kane, 153rd place (tie)
  • Doubles Scratch
    1. David Lawhorn / Donald Eckles, 16th place
  • Doubles Division 1
    1. Ben Horton, J R Grant, 16th place
      Mike Dooley / Jeff Luther, 23rd place
      Amy Whitten / Christal Schaeffer, 32nd place (tie)
      Frank Hodges / Wendell Perdue, 46th place (tie)
      Timothy Perdue / Russell Richardson, 84th place (tie)
  • Doubles Division 2
    1. Michael Bailey / Alfred Meador, 10th place
      Jonathan Willis / Arnold Hogan, 38th place
      Steve Ratcliffe / Joseph Harris, 53rd place (tie)
      Crystal Taylor / Krystal Eckles, 68th place
      Wendy Kane / David Nichols, 72nd place (tie)
  • All Events Division 1
    1. Michael Bailey, 7th place (tie)
      Daniel Underwood, 26th place
      Richard Price, 38th place (tie)
      Russell Richardson, 57th place
      Michael Jordan, 58th place
      Larry Wade, 86th place (tie)
  • All Events Division 2
    1. Steve Spinks, 36th place
      Wendy Kane, 39th place (tie)

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