Virginia State 2010 Youth Unofficial Results

The unofficial results for the Virginia State 2010 Youth Tournament are now available on the Virginia State website under the Youth Tournaments page and on the GRAUSBC Youth page. Congratulations to the following bowlers listed from our area!

  • Team, Class 2, Handicap
    1. Nuth N Girlie, Salem, 17th place
      4 Stooges, Roanoke, 55th place
  • Team, Class 3, handicap
    1. No Name, Vinton, 5th place (tie)
      Little Bittes, Rocky Mount, 58th place (tie)
      Rugrats, Roanoke, 69th place
      Bowldacious, 95th place
  • Doubles, Class 2, Handicap
    1. Ashley Secrest / Keith Henneborn, 14th place
      Lilly Shell / Loren Abernathy, 32nd place (tie)
      Shannon Pinto / Robert Stone, 37th place
      Lexi Makay / Amanda Garland, 47th place (tie)
      Turman Bailey / Calvin Guthrie, 64th place
      Kaitlin Meador / Candace Austin, 80th place
      Brandon Doran / Ryan Pruett, 88th place
  • Doubles, Class 3, Handicap
    1. Cory Amos / Jonah Garber, 2nd place
      Kayla Rippey / Katie Hanselman, 21st place
      Nikolas Henneborn / Guy Castillo, Jr., 36th place
      Katy Lusk / Catherine Guthrie, 63rd place
      Jimmy Lusk / Tyler Guthrie, 64th place
      Allyson Nichols / Kasey Preston, 87th place
      Katelyn Duck / Cayla Hicks, 107th place (tie)
      Nathaniel Young / Damien Milton, 129th place (tie)
      Kayla Sykes / Nikki Dean, 134th place
      Kelly Considine / Taylor Stinnett, 167th place (tie)
      McKenzie Wright / Sean Welch, 196th place
  • Singles, Class 1, Handicap
    1. Robert Stone, 42nd place (tie)
      Amanda Garland, 69th place
  • Singles, Class 2, Handicap
    1. Ryan Pruett, 23rd place
      Lilly Shell, 36th place (tie)
      Shannon Pinto, 98th place (tie)
      Loren Abernathy, 113th place (tie)
      Brandon Doran, 172nd place
      Candace Austin, 173rd place
      Calvin Guthrie, 183rd place
      Keith Henneborn, 184th place
  • Singles, Class 3, Handicap
    1. Jonah Garber, 9th place
      Cory Amos, 39th place (tie)
      Allyson Nichols, 45th place (tie)
      Catherine Guthrie, 50th place
      Cayla Hicks, 81st place (tie)
      Ashley Secrest, 92nd place (tie)
      Guy Castillo, Jr., 104th place (tie)
      Taylor Stinnett, 125th place
      Turman Bailey, 175th place (tie)
      Katie Hanselman, 187th place (tie)
      Tyler Guthrie, 194th place (tie)
      Katy Lusk, 194th place (tie)
      Lexi Makay, 199th place (tie)
      Kayla Rippey, 210th place (tie)
      Kaitlyn Meador, 213th place (tie)
      Kayla Sykes, 224th place (tie)
      Katelyn Duck, 263rd place
      Nikki Dean, 293rd place (tie)
      Nathaniel Young, 301st place (tie)
      Nikolas Henneborn, 301st place (tie)
      Kasey Preston, 315th place
      Jimmy Lusk, 327th place (tie)
      Kelly Considine, 376th place (tie)
      McKenzie Wright, 383rd place
  • All Events, Class 1, Handicap
    1. Robert Stone, 19th place (tie)
  • All Events, Class 2, Handicap
    1. Lilly Shell, 30th place
      Loren Abernathy, 58th place
      Keith Henneborn, 91st place
      Ryan Pruett, 103rd place
      Shannon Pinto, 109th place
      Brandon Doran, 177th place
      Tara Keith, 208th place
  • All Events, Class 3, Handicap
    1. Jonah Garber, 2nd place
      Cory Amos, 22nd place
      Catherine Guthrie, 58th place
      Allyson Nichols, 63rd place (tie)
      Katie Hanselman, 66th place (tie)
      Kayla Rippey, 66th place (tie)
      Ashley Secrest, 133rd place (tie)
      Tyler Guthrie, 135th place
      Cayla Hicks, 136th place (tie)
      Katy Lusk, 175th place (tie)
      Nikolas Henneborn, 178th place (tie)
      Guy Castillo, Jr., 183rd place (tie)
      Kaitlyn Meador, 226th place (tie)
      Katelyn Duck, 245th place
      Taylor Stinnett, 299th place
      Jimmy Lusk, 332nd place (tie)
      Kasey Preston, 338th place (tie)
      Kelly Considine, 362nd place
      Sean Welch, 391st place
      McKenzie Wright, 395th place
  • All Events, Class 1, Scratch
    1. Robert Stone, 28th place

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