2012-2013 USBC League and Tournament Rule Changes

During the 2012 USBC Annual Meeting’s legislative session, three league rule changes and one tournament rule change were approved by the delegates.


  1. ALL games bowled in a playoff or special contest (i.e., league tournament) WILL count towards the individual’s final league average but will NOT count towards special league individual prizes.
  2. A league’s board of directors is allowed to adjust a player’s average upward during the season with a two-thirds vote.
  3. Total pins PLUS HANDICAP is to be used to break ties for position matches in handicap leagues.


  • Require bowlers to use the highest of either their composite average of all leagues or the bowler’s highest single-league average of 21 games or more.

More information regarding the USBC Playing Rules & Commonly Asked Questions can be found on bowl.com under the Leagues tab.


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