RVWBA 2002 Mixed Doubles

2002 Roanoke Valley USBC WBA 1st Annual Mixed Doubles Tournament Standings

The 1st Annual Mixed Doubles Tournament put on by the Roanoke Valley USBC WBA was held on March 9/10, 2002 at Vinton Bowling Center. There were 4 shifts (two on Saturday, two on Sunday). A total of 117 entries bowled, paying 15 places.

Congratulations to the following:

Allen Griffin    734 series
Mike Eckles      725 series
Brian Boettjer   701 series
Laurie Zirkle    701 series
Tim Childress    699 series
Patsy Smith      644 series
Heather Rutledge 610 series
Bonnie Lyle      608 series
Tom Cashin       11 strikes in a row/290 game



Laurie Zirkle/Tim Childress	1503
Shelan Powell/Dallas Nolen	1475
Dawn Sexton/Brian Boettjer	1470
Victoria Treynor/Allen Griffin	1460
Patsy Smith/Bruce Dillon	1444
Missy Tucker/Steve Tucker	1440
Teena Eckles/Mike Eckles	1439
Bonnie Lyle/Mike Lyle		1436
Erin Hodges/Ben Hodges		1431
Crystal Spangler/Steve Martin	1417
Heather Rutledge/Chad Rutledge	1412
Tammy Wright/Scott Wright	1403
Sherri Richardson/Frank Butler	1391
Hilarie Eckles/Tom Cashin	1387

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