Virginia State USBC 2009 Senior Tournament Standings

Final Standings

Congratulations to the local bowlers that placed in the money:

    Open, Singles, Class #2 65-59 Handicapped

      Jack Dalton, 1st place
      Garnett Vass, 10th place
      Louis Cayton, 11th place
    Open, All Events, Class #2 65-69 Handicapped

      Jack Dalton, 1sts place
      Garnett Vass, 11th place
  1. Also like to thank the greater richmond ba and wba for helping with check in and doing 50/50 and also all the people that helped with the brackets, hilarie eckles, sam farthing, billy paxton, rick calhoon, and johnny harris

  2. i enjoyed running this tournament and being around all the senior bowlers and also amf hanover lanes was great to the complete tournament staff

    thanks to everyone

  3. rick youngblood

    Great tournament, good house to bowl in, lots of oil to play around in, wonderful people to work with. all around a good experience. thanks.

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