Fall 2015 League Meetings

All fall 2015 league meeting dates that are currently known for AMF Hilltop Lanes , Lee-Hi Lanes and Vinton Bowling Center are listed on our website calendar. Go to http://grausbc.org and scroll down to find the Calendars link on the left hand side. Click on the link to go to the Calendars page. Under the heading of “GRAUSBC Calendar” there will be a button for “Today” and then back and forward arrows. If the current month is not August 2015, use the forward or back buttons to reach August 2015. Clicking on the listed meeting will bring up a small box with the time, date and location of the meeting. The majority are in August, but there are a few in September. If your league is NOT listed, please drop a note to info@grausbc.org to have your meeting date, time and place added.


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